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Whilst everyone wants to know what’s happening in the world, not everyone has the time or patience to sit down and read through a bunch of news articles.


Join us each month on the LIFE DOWNUNDER Podcast as our host Gray STANTON (respected industry expert) conducts in depth analyses on the Australian government and other world governments direct involvement with the Khazarian Banking Elites COVID-19 agenda of a ‘planned’ pandemic (scamdemic); using fraudulent RT-PCR / Rapid Testing to justify “unlawful” lockdowns, forced vaccinations using an Experimental-Gene-Therapy that has since been proven to be an ‘Unrestricted Bioweapon’. All this to hide in plain sight their depopulation agenda by collapsing the world economy in order to usher in the technocrats “Great-Reset” (i.e., transhumanism). A must listen podcast series.






The LIFE DOWNUNDER Podcast is the best way to keep up with current events and other government involved conspiracies by listening to our content that is in fact credible, and verified information on highly sensitive topics no one within mainstream media, or alternative media wish to discuss.


The LIFE DOWNUNDER Podcast is a one of a kind with there being no other in-depth information hub like it. Its host Gray STANTON has over two (2) decades as a Commonwealth Specialist-Investigator. Many of his investigations and joint-government-operations have resulted in hundreds of convictions worldwide against perpetrators of child-sex-trafficking, and organised crime. This podcast aims to address issues the mainstream media refuse to discuss. Therefore it would be accurate given the level of censorship by the mainstream media on all things COVID-19 that the majority of ‘fact-check’ sites are disinformation sites operated or funded by interests (i.e., former 2009 CDC Director) intent on controlling the narrative on matters relating to their interests (i.e., ‘Big-Pharma’s profits, and depopulation). Those pulling the purse-strings in MSM, are the exact same groups that control the information specific to child-sex-trafficking, satanic-child-sacrifice, child-organ-harvesting, and child-adrenochrome-harvesting (C9H9NO3).






The LIFE DOWNUNDER Podcast encourages everyone to read the below link to better understand the biases behind fact-checking. This below link will most certainly open your eyes to a lot more than is currently available.


Fact Check Sites Serve to Control the Narrative for Their Funders – 


Each individual podcast episode is referenced with direct court ruling documents (released), peer reviewed medical journals, actual subject matter expert testimonies from Medical Doctors, and Expert Scientists (i.e., Toxicologists, Viral-Immunologists, Epidemiologists, Cardiologists, Industrial Hygienist-Engineers etc)), experienced Commonwealth criminal barristers (QC’s), Superior & High Court Justices (i.e., Judges), global-economists, and actuaries. WHAT is within this podcast holds great weight in any criminal and civil court against all members of local, state, and federal government and the conspiracy surrounding the COVID-19 scandal. As stated by Dr. Robert MALONE (inventor of the mRNA technology), “It’s really a pandemic of the vaccinated”.






The LIFE DOWNUNDER Podcast is not trying to become a financially successful podcast like so many others. It is a podcast of real value to the world. This show looks around at HOW people can get the most out of our invaluable information that continues to find its way to all our listeners. A podcast of value like LIFE DOWNUNDER will give you the listener more credible information than you can imagine. And so we are making absolutely sure our platform is not a curse to mankind. 


The LIFE DOWNUNDER Podcast stands firm on the belief that integrity is about being honest, incorruptible, telling the truth in any situation, doing the right thing all of the time, even when it’s hard and mainly, doing all these things when you are alone, and no one is around to see it.


Hence these famous words …


“Integrity is doing the right thing, even when no one is watching”


– C. S. Lewis