︻╦̵̵̿╤── PORT ARTHUR MASSACRE: ‘A False Flag To Disarm AUSTRALIA’ 

 ︻╦̵̵̿╤── PORT ARTHUR MASSACRE: 'A False Flag To Disarm AUSTRALIA' 

Season One, Episode Eight: 


SYNOPSIS:   Our final episode for Season One. A MUST LISTEN. Tonight covers the following topics: Interview conducted 04 MARCH 2017 by Allen RICHIE (his guest: Dr. Keith Allan NOBLE on Martin BRYANT’s irrefutable innocence), In depth analysis of the 28 APRIL 1996 Port Arthur Massacre (Tasmania, AUSTRALIA), Ari Ben Menashe (aka Joe VIALLS, and former Israeli Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) and Military Intelligence Officer 1974 – 1987) and his direct ties to “Mista’arvim” מסתערבים (i.e., an elite undercover counterterrorist police unit known as ‘Gideonim’ (aka Unit-33)) and their direct involvement in the Port Arthur Massacre’, The Townsville Blackhawk crash 12 JUNE 1996 that resulted in the deaths of 18 beret qualified operators of the Australian Defence Force elite Special Air Service Regiment (aka SASR) and its direct links to the Port Arthur tragedy, 2001 lecture by Port Arthur survivor Wendy SCURR and her accounts that day, ‘Session 5A’ – Tasmanian Police Records (TPR) of the Port Arthur massacre’ by Nicki OTTAVI 17 NOVEMBER 2018 [In 2009 the Port Arthur records were transferred to the Tasmanian Archives and Heritage Office (TAHO). The Tasmanian Police wanted TAHO to keep everything, they had never dealt with any event like this], further analysis on Martin BRYANT’s ‘gunmanship’, Dr. David E. MARTIN exposes Donald J. TRUMP and the Big Pharma coup d’état against the United States by the COVID-19 vaccines (i.e., ‘unrestricted bioweapon’), Questions about the Port Arthur Massacre.









Port Arthur massacre footage posted online and Banned by Australian Government (ABC News (Australia)





Extremely Graphic!!!



The police investigation report of the Port Arthur massacre the government successfully censored on YouTube. The Video They Do Not Want You To See!!!
Shows crime scene video footage as well as eyewitness and victim accounts.





Port Arthur police training video Part 1 of 4 (WARNING GRAPHIC)



Port Arthur police training video Part 2 of 4 (WARNING GRAPHIC)



Port Arthur police training video Part 3 of 4 (WARNING GRAPHIC)



Port Arthur police training video Part 4 of 4 (WARNING GRAPHIC)






Port Arthur Lecture Pt1



Port Arthur Lecture Pt2









Government Cover-Up at Port Arthur





Martin Bryant Facebook page smears ex-cop Michael Dyson


Deadly Deception at Port Arthur


A warning given to Tasmanian barristers about Martin Bryant and Port Arthur


Martin Bryant show by Channel 7 Sunday Night will not tell the truth about Port Arthur


Sydney Morning Herald Propaganda about Martin Bryant


Channel Seven Propaganda about Martin Bryant


Courier Mail Propaganda about Martin Bryant





Wendy Scurr Number One Witness Account Never Considered


South East Asian News Reports the Facts


Port Arthur Massacre Staged To Take Guns Rights Away From Australians


The Truth about the Port Arthur Massacre – Forbidden Knowledge TV





Extra Evidential links & Materials


Startling new information proves Port Arthur massacre was planned by government | The Crazz Files


Dodgy Tasmania police still covering up Port Arthur scam | Cairns News





S5a Ottavi






Townsville, Queensland, AUSTRALIA Blackhawk Disaster 12 JUNE 1996


Murdered SAS Regiment beret qualified members connected to Port Arthur massacre – ‘Dead Men Tell No Tales’




June 30th 2016 (defence.gov.au)





Additional Evidence Updates 2021




Port Arthur massacre (Australia) – Wikipedia




Port Arthur Massacre (cth.com.au)


Startling new information proves Port Arthur massacre was planned by government | The Crazz Files


Dodgy Tasmania police still covering up Port Arthur scam | Cairns News





“Very surprising to see that there was no mention of this accident nearly happening on the exact same training exercise to the same SAS squadron 3 years earlier. 3 Years earlier the pilots lost sight of each other and came close to colliding so the exercise was aborted. If those in charge at that time did what they should have done then this accident was avoidable. If I recall correctly, there was a relationship to one of the Generals in this documentary within the leadership at that time.” Dean STRAUTINS 2017 Response to Townsville Blackhawk Disaster 12 JUNE 1996


“Look into the lady that was decapitated by her partner in a women’s shelter in Ulverston, maybe Devonport a few years after the Port Arthur incident. He was ex S.A.S by memory. Police took him on a high speed chase and apparently lost him. A couple days later he was found dead in the bush. She called the police prior and told them she was about to get killed by the real Port Arthur killer. And there’s the connection. This used to be accessible on the net but now I can’t find it anywhere.”





Crypto Downunder 🇦🇺 on Twitter: “@mpsmithnews Did Kapooka with Tim, joined in Syd the same day. Called him ‘yabby’ -good bod, head full of shit. RIP. https://t.co/cTP3V1EoxI” / Twitter


Keith Allan Noble On Why Martin Bryant Could Not Have Carried Out 1996 Port Arthur Massacre! – YouTube


Miss Mossad Maxwell (bitchute.com)









2 Views on Why Trump is Promoting the Experimental COVID-19 Injections – Which View is Correct? (bitchute.com)


Why Does Trump Keep Promoting the Vaccine? [mirrored] (bitchute.com)




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Trump was always a flip-flopping fraud clown, and he’s even discriminating against vaccine free healthy patriots in his own businesses, asking for proof of vaccination, which totally violates medical privacy laws; And this whole Hillary, Obama, Biden, Pelosi, Muller, Schumer, Schiff, Romney, McConnell, Fauci and Fake News vs Trump feud, or the stop the steal election fraud, it was all theatre play for the gullible, to make Trump look like the victim, when in fact, he was also part of the fraud being played on Americans, to divide the people and create more chaos. Under is watch as President, Trump let American cities burn and be looted for months by communist terrorist thugs, and pretty much did nothing, other than his blaming game, when he was commander in chief of the whole military. And now, Faux Biden plays dumb in front of cameras, to make Trump look better, like a saviour, which he never was. Always remember, that President Trump’s first foreign trip, was straight to Saudi dictatorship money, to serve his war profiteer financial interests, and his daughter Ivanka’s foundation, with a $100 million donation, a foundation just as crooked as the Clintons. Finally, never once has Donald Trump lifted the finger to fight censorship of the people on social media platforms, pretty much making it acceptable to censor free speech. Don’t count on any politicians to save you, save yourselves instead; Denounce corruption from all sides, and do not comply with evil. We keep falling for the same old fascist globalists divide and conquer game, but now is the time for people on all sides to wake up, and see the fraud in all parties, and simply stop complying with any of them.


PS: In French Trump (Trompe), means to deceive.


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Donald Trump Traitor to America – American Intelligence Media (aim4truth.org)






Dr.KeithAllanNOBLE;author Unit 72 B, Am Heumarkt 7 1030 Vienna, AUSTRIA  Email:   murder.research@gmail.com

Telephone:   43-1-9712401



Once the people are terrorized, you can force a police state on them.” — Mae Brussell










Published by Gray Stanton

Gray is a special investigator, veteran and consummate professional within CONUS / OCONUS Private Security Contracting (PSC) as a Commonwealth Protective Security Specialist (PSS), in addition to Global Securities and Investigations. Previous service in the Australian Defence Force (ADF) Special Operations Command (SOCOMD), with stints in federal, and state  law enforcement (Security and Counter Terrorism) as a sworn LEO. A university graduate, and valedictorian with a double-degree in Psychology and History, with a focus in Biomedical research and Statistics. This podcast is a must listen for all concerned citizens trying to get to the truth, in addition to any aspiring journalists, or investigators who want to learn from a man whose both methodical and meticulous. 

11 thoughts on “ ︻╦̵̵̿╤── PORT ARTHUR MASSACRE: ‘A False Flag To Disarm AUSTRALIA’ 

  1. Wow! Gray, an explosive episode, well done, fabulous exposure of the staged false flag event that was Port Arthur! My folks have always said that the poor guy was framed. Our criminal “government” was killing us then and they’re still killing us today. May justice be served for Marty Bryant as the truth of this disillusion society we live in continues to surface by the day. Appreciate your work Gray, looking forward to next season! Happy new year to you and your team. God bless.

    1. Thank you for supporting our podcast and being one of those brave enough to leave a response. Most Australians are simply going along with the MSM lies / propaganda at the behest of our state, terrirtory, and federal members of parliament. Our supposed elected members are ALL cowards, either compromised through having sex with children, satanic child sacrifice, and or significant financial fraud (i.e., ‘naked-short-selling’ of citizens superannuation, and or pension funds). Keep on speaking truth my friend as that IS the only way out of this mess.


  2. WOW. Thanks for opening my mind. Love your work Gray… I was definitely one of those people who heard the (mainstream) news and then asked no more questions about this. Makes so much sense now. And yes its more important than ever to get this truth out there.

    1. Dear Danni,

      Your response is well understood. At the time of the Port Arthur false flag (APRIL 1996), we knew WHAT was going on since our circles knew then our government had a sinister agenda afoot well before Martin BRYANT was set to be their patsy.


  3. I’m hoping you will release some sort of new headline service soon, things look like they’re about to get even more real. WA will be starting their false medical apartheid from end of January.

    1. Hi Andrew,

      Know that we are in the middle of being relocated (literally) regarding our podcast. We have been invited to join forces with another group in AUSTRALIA as there are far too many Chiefs and not enough Indians (Australian public) to forward you (the listeners) ‘actual-hard-evidence’ to guide you through serving the NOTICE OF LIABILITY (172-page document).

      God Bless.


      1. The problem of too many chiefs/commentators is more likely to do with a lack of real understanding (you’re part of this, thank you) and training/education(actions to take). Whilst I understand the lore/law is powerful, I don’t know how to use it. I’ve spent a lot of energy over the last 10+ years simply understanding what is really going on, the levels of disinformation make even this extremely difficult (sorting wheat from a lot of chaff). It’s no wonder so many have been literally hypnotized at this point (this is what I’m watching atm). Thanks you for the offer of assistance, nice to know someone is out there at least that might be able to help.

  4. Dear Gray,

    I just listened to your Podcast and it’s the best one about. Most only repeat the official storyline, but yours examines all aspects of this False Flag Event. I am Lloyd T Vance and run a big group on Facebook called Port Arthur Tasmania Exposed. We are lucky to have 15,900 members, I left a link for your Podcast on our Facebook group for people to listen to. Anyway, thanks for doing this.



    1. Dear Lloyd,

      Thank you very much for your reply to our podcast. We are doing the best we can working with those that were actually there in 1996. We managed to recover the records for a US / IDF submarine which docked and left with Israeli sniper(s) aboard – this was HOW they got IN and OUT of Tasmania in order to carry out their false flag.

      We are looking for a way to re-open the Port Arthur Massacre investigation, as the Australian public need to KNOW WHAT really happened that day, and those that orchestrated such an evil scenario against our citizens. And YES, there were members from Campbell Barracks (ADF) WHO were directly involved; hence the Townsville Disaster (Blackhawks x 2) …and he said, “Snake” ….

      Please stay in touch and send me an email. We are honoured to be included on your Facebook website; Thank you. Stay in touch please …

      God Bless, Stay Safe, and take care,

      Gray STANTON

      1. Dear Gray,

        Thank you for your reply, I sent you an email and asked you a few questions within, I won’t ask you here because you don’t know who is reading these comments, I also left my phone number in the email so we can catch up and talk, I also enclosed a copy of the two books i wrote and put together they are in PDF Format big writing; so easy to read, otherwise the link above for South East Asia News isn’t working anymore. Steve Johnson closed down the website because the cost to run it was too high, I am looking into doing up another website and hope to call it “Truth About Port Arthur Massacre” and add a lot of stuff there. My two books, witness statements, Dysons False Police Statement, Joe Vialls Book, Keith Allan Noble Book and a few videos for people to watch. I am investigating the cost now and trying to find a web designer to do it all up, otherwise Peace, Joy, Happiness and Good Health to you there,



  5. Just like in politics it’s had to find integrity Gray, for those finding you we are blessed…keep punching👊


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