⛧KHAZARIAN MAFIA: Bankers For ‘The Papal Bloodlines’ (Earth’s Ruling Elite)

⛧KHAZARIAN MAFIA: Bankers For 'The Papal Bloodlines' (Earth's Ruling Elite)

Season One, Episode Seven:


SYNOPSIS:   This second last episode for season one is A MUST LISTEN on LIFE DOWNUNDER with Gray STANTON. This is the podcast no one has ever done, because to do so requires detailed insight from an actual insider, which Gray STANTON is. Tonight’s main topic is none other than the most ruthless enemy of humanity – the Khazarian Mafia. In addition to their true history, in conjunction with their ties to Earth’s Rulers (‘The Papal Bloodlines’, aka the ‘Archons’). Further topics include European Member of Parliament Christine ANDERSON (GERMANY), Greg REECE presents Dr. Mattias DESMET (pronounced “De-May”), a professor of psychology at Ghent University in BELGIUM who has put together a thesis that could explain why so many people are still going along with the Wuhan Coronavirus (Covid-19) “shamdemic:”, Marian TURSKI – Survivor of AUSCHWITZ 75 years on at The Leaders, Holocaust Survivors Mark Liberation Dinner, WARNING ORDER (Update / Speech) by: retired Lt. Colonel Riccardo BOSI (‘Australia One’ Party leader, and former Adjutant in Australia’s Special Air Service Regiment (SASR)) public address 16 DECEMBER 2021 in Sydney, New South Wales, A further analysis on medical study results (by Dr Sandra VRANIC whom conducted the original study) – Dr. VRANIC is from the Nanomedicine Lab Faculty of Medical and Human Sciences & National Graphene Institute University of Manchester, UK gives a presentation titled “Cellular Responses to Graphene Oxide Sheets” Effect of Lateral Dimension and the Oxidative Stress Paradigm, Part Two (2) Interview of Catherine AUSTIN-FITTS on the Khazarian bankers ‘naked-short-selling’ and their fraudulent crypto-currencies, significant expose on the Khazarians, the Papal bloodlines, and Dr Ha Ha LUNG’s published works on ‘Mind Control’ – The Killer “B’s”.


Satanic Child Sacrifice









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“When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men in a society, over the course of time they create for themselves a legal system that authorizes it and a moral code that glorifies it.”
― Frédéric Bastiat








Published by Gray Stanton

Gray is a special investigator, veteran and consummate professional within CONUS / OCONUS Private Security Contracting (PSC) as a Commonwealth Protective Security Specialist (PSS), in addition to Global Securities and Investigations. Previous service in the Australian Defence Force (ADF) Special Operations Command (SOCOMD), with stints in federal, and state  law enforcement (Security and Counter Terrorism) as a sworn LEO. A university graduate, and valedictorian with a double-degree in Psychology and History, with a focus in Biomedical research and Statistics. This podcast is a must listen for all concerned citizens trying to get to the truth, in addition to any aspiring journalists, or investigators who want to learn from a man whose both methodical and meticulous. 

25 thoughts on “⛧KHAZARIAN MAFIA: Bankers For ‘The Papal Bloodlines’ (Earth’s Ruling Elite)

  1. Thank you for this information, I didn’t find much information on the Khazarians in my own research (book burnings?) although I do keep finding info on the Tartarians, Phoenocians and the original Aryians (out of Ireland) and some interesting possible information on the last Great Reset a.k.a the Mud Floods (a brief all in one video) – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p8M_BDnchPM
    Are the more modern or surviving Phoenecians (after fall of Tartaria) the Kazararians?

    1. Hi Andrew,

      Great points, and thank you for making a real effort to help educate others on the true origins of the Phoenicians. And from all of us here at LIFE DOWNUNDER, thank you for supporting our podcast.


  2. Gray,

    I love the info you’re dropping. Confirming the research, I’ve conducted over the last 15 years. One favour to ask. The photo of the little murdered girl. It makes it difficult to send to people who have no idea of the evil surrounding us.. Any chance of making a version without that photo??

    1. Sadly, men and women need to see. Whether they believe it or not, we have been living with lies for centuries. Also double speak is a problem.

      1. Dear Lorraine,

        Thank you for your response. And Yes, regardless of whether people believe it or not, these lies continue even now, as they always have until people educate themselves to these atrocities – furthermore, let’s NOT forget your mention on “double speak” – this, in, and of itself, is a major problem. And so we live the lie(s) as portrayed by George ORWELL’s 1984.

        God Bless, Stay Safe, and take care,

        Gray STANTON

      2. I believe that there are truthers that are doing thier best getting the limited information out there that they are privy to concerning Papal Bloodlines. The problem is Gray they don’t have the info that you do because of your background. I pray they find you so that they can dig deeper like all of us need to. God bless and keep you and yours Sir. Btw, my understanding is that mother Teresa was not a good girl 😉

      3. Dear Melanie,

        Thank you for supporting our podcast; and THANK YOU for your own strength and courage to stand up against the grave injustice(s) being perpetrated upon us all. PLEASE share our podcast as we have and continue to be censored for obvious reasons.

        P.S. You are correct – people need to research more on Mother Teresa, than accept that she was a saint!

        God Bless, Stay Safe, and take, care,


  3. “When truth speaks, the soul knows it.” Found your website via Nexus – which I haven’t bought in a long while. But I did today and stayed home. Everything happens for a reason and God moves in mysterious ways for sure. Keep up the good work. Amazing info & confirmation.

  4. I found you after listening to Scott McKay’s broadcast with you the other night. Thanks for coming on his show (The Tipping Point Radio), hope to hear a lot more from you there. This 2-hour podcast was pure gold. I only wish that there was a way to get a list of the names that you dropped here, as spelling and sounds are two different things. Thank you for all that you do and are doing! – Candy from America

    1. Dear Candy,

      Thank you for listening to our podcast, and thank you for your kind, and caring support. Regarding your expressed interest in some of the disclosed names, and their spelling; Might I suggest you email us at graystanton@lifedownunder.exposed and we will do WHAT we can to ensure you receive a comprehensive list (letter-for-letter, word-for-word). Our next podcast (Season Two (2) Episode Three (3)) will be released this FRIDAY 07 OCTOBER 2022, 1630Hours AUSTRALIAN Eastern Standard Time

      God Bless, Stay Safe, and take care,


      1. Thank you SO MUCH, Mr. Stanton! I will do that. And am looking forward to your next podcast. and Thank You for watching out for Scott McKay! (Patriot Streetfighter)
        Lord Bless You All and You all stay safe and take care also,

  5. Hello. I’m from Texas, USA and I heard you on Scott McKAY’s radio show (The Tipping Point). It’s ironic but because of covid, I had time on my hands and came across The Fall of the Cabal. The funny thing is, I had no problem believing the truth that I found by doing a lot of research. The hardest part for me was realizing how easy it’s been for so many to betray our country. I am so glad Australians are waking up and starting to fight back. I feel like we’re part of the same family. Listened to your video on the Khazarians. and learned a bunch of things I didn’t know. Can’t wait to listen to all of them. Take care of yourself.

  6. Greetings from the Sunshine Coast – excellent interview with Scott McKay. I have just sent an email to you at graystanton@lifedownunder.exposed and hope you get it. I and others are trying to expose the corruption of our judicial/medical/social services systems in regard to an alarming case of a 5-year-old up in the NT. Hope you get my email and looking forward to hopefully hearing from you.

  7. Hi Gray, I just listened to your interview with Scott McKAY on The Tipping Point Radio show – amazing info thanks! 🙏Please put me on your email list.

  8. Hi Gray,

    Thank you for the great info. I am keen to learn more about our history which seems to have so many gaps.
    Question 1: if the answer is able to be disclosed: How do your team recognise an incarnate Archon? Is it via frequency? Tech? Remote viewer? Off world help perhaps?
    Question 2: I would be keen to interview you to learn more about the history of the planet based on what knowledge you have been given or shown. The interview can be posted here if you like because my own YT channel has been shadow banned since its inception and now, I cannot upload at all. (typical). Would you be interested?

  9. Hi Gray
    This VERY informative podcast was done in December 2021 … how are the good forces going with fighting the evil in the world?
    Are they winning?
    Until the covid scam I lived in ignorant bliss … now I’m so deep in the rabbit hole I’m wondering if I’ll ever reach the bottom!
    Since my awakening I’ve been relentless in trying to educate people about what’s going on … in the beginning I experienced great resistance and ridicule but now I see more and more people questioning things. This has given me hope for the future.
    THANK YOU for sharing your knowledge and educating people … I learned more about our enemy and how the world actually operates from your podcast than the thousands of things I’ve listened to and watched over the past two years!
    In a world full of compliant, often cowardly, unquestioning humans, your bravery shines bright.
    Keep up the good work and if you need any help with your efforts I’m happy to do what I can … I want to be part of the change / resistance / fight that’s needed to win this assault on humanity … and rid earth of evil.
    All the best

  10. Maybe you should change that Mother Teresa bit, if we have found you, then we are awake to that “man” ! Biggest child traffickers in the time, isn’t a woman, but a man, and also very well could be Fauci’s father ! They look so much alike !
    Thank you for this episode, very eye opening. Does this mean the King of Spain, his son William (lady Diana’s) does this make him (or if you listen to some, “her”; and I don’t believe they are all inverted, but who knows!??!) – this would make him very powerful, and very evil ?

  11. Thanks Gray. It’s my second time listening to this podcast… so much detail !! Thank you for bringing these truths out to the world – God bless. Blogger BronnyNZ, “Co-creating Our New Earth”.

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