🥇 ‘VERUM ORIGINES’ – 7th CISM Military World Games ?

🥇 'VERUM ORIGINES' - 7th CISM Military World Games ?

Season Two, Episode Three:


SYNOPSIS:   An eye-opening episode you don’t want to miss. Tonight’s focus zeroes in on the WHAT, WHEN WHERE, HOW, and WHY specific to SARS-CoV2 and its True Origins (‘Verum Origines’) through the research optics of a world renowned Reseach Scientist Dr. Richard M. FLEMING PhD, MD, LD (10Letters.org) and the author of a must purchase book titled: Is COVID-19 A Bioweapon? This significant published book covers the true origins of COVID-19 specific to WHAT is Gain-Of-Function Research? and the violation of specific signed treaties such as: the Biological Weapons Convention Treaty, the Nuremberg Code, and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) Treaty. We further analyse the paper trail of the US-Funding for Gain-Of-Function Research. Dr. Karry MULLIS’ patent #4,683,195 will be discussed regarding the cycle-thresholds which were never supposed to run higher than cycle threshold (cT) 15-20 cycles of his RT-PCR technique (Polymerase Chain Reaction).  The WHY FILES present two mind-blowing scientific military experiments gone wrong: 1. The PHILADELPHIA Experiment, 2. The MONTAUK Project, as hosted by AJ, and his Co-Host Heckle Fish; allegedly conducted on the east end of Long Island, inside the US during the Cold War – was a secret military experiment to develop psychological warfare with abducted children. A further in-depth analysis on those infected military athletes that returned early from the VII CISM World Military Games, Wuhan, CHINA OCTOBER 2019.  Next is Gray STANTON’s insights on our current global situation and HOW best to persevere, touching on ‘Operation-OSOAVIAKHIM’. Followed by Gray’s closing words of wisdom, “BE YOUR OWN ADVISOR.” This is a thought provoking must listen broadcast!





AS AT 01OCT2022


The AUSTRALIAN Bureau of Statistics has released their latest data on COVID-19 Mortality. This shows that 92,699 deaths in total have occurred so far by 30 JUNE 2022 which is 13,524 more than the historical average. This is 17.1% more than expected. JUNE records show there were 16,749 deaths, which is 2,410 (16.8%) above the historical average. If this trend continues, AUSTRALIA will have half a Cricket stadium (max. capacity 110,000) full of excess deaths by the end of DECEMBER 2022 — more than 30,000.








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With 53-years of research as a physicist, nuclear cardiologist and attorney, Dr. Richard M. FLEMING developed the InflammoThrombotic Disease theory for heart disease, cancer, and infections like SARS-CoV-2 in 1994. He explains in detail how the COVID-19 jab is not a vaccine and how this is a violation of the biological weapons convention treaty punishable under international law. Learn what you could do to help combat the inflammation if you already got the jab.




  • Why SARS-CoV-2 is a Gain-of-Function Bioweapon and not a vaccine
  • The creation of the virus is punishable under international law
  • How the RNA in the shot changes our DNA
  • The various successful treatments for the virus




Is Covid-19 A Bioweapon? A Scientific Investigation: https://bit.ly/DRFLEMINGBOOK


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CNN are lying point blank to the public about Dr. Richard M. FLEMING’s actions. CNN’s above article link illustrates they have no idea what the charge(s) actually were; nor do they stipulate the specifics of said matter. Big Pharma charged Dr. FLEMING because he was only administering one (1) iodine shot and doing the x-rays closer in time to give the patient less radiation exposure. When Dr. FLEMING billed for only one (1) shot instead of two (2) shots, they charged him with fraud. Big Pharma stood to lose $20 Billion US dollars if cardiologists would only require and charge for one (1) injection for the dye. The aforementioned CNN article link and its author(s) demonstrates their own malicious intent. Dr. Richard M. FLEMING should be commended for his actions of absolute integrity in addition to being an honourable human being. Dr Richard M. FLEMING’s only crime was making the Globalist Big-Pharma networks lose money.






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The experiment began during the summer of 1943, and one of the tests resulted in the ship becoming almost invisible, with witnesses claiming to have seen a green fog in its place. Most of the sailors aboard the vessel complained of nausea after the experiment, and when the ship reappeared, some of its sailors had been embedded in the ship’s metal structure, while others became mentally unstable.







The MONTAUK Project


Montauk Project Coordinates: 41°03′44″N 71°52′26″W The Montauk Project is a series of United States government projects conducted at Montauk Air Force Station in Montauk, New York, for the purpose of developing psychological warfare techniques and exotic research including time travel.







Attorney Jeff Childers on How He Won Against Mask and Vaccine Mandates, and Inspired Other Lawyers to Do the Same (theepochtimes.com)




“Everyone needs to know the truth” Former EcoHealth Alliance VP turned whistleblower speaks out

Sep 24, 2022


Dr Andrew G. HUFF, former EcoHealth Alliance VP turned whistle-blower spoke exclusively to Trial Site News’ Sonia ELIJAH about his tenure at the controversial organization, which has been at the centre of the Covid-origin lab leak theory. HUFF, who is an expert in the field of bioterrorism and bio-surveillance worked at EcoHealth Alliance from 2014-2016. He reviewed the research proposal “Understanding the risk of Bat Coronavirus Emergence” that was submitted to the NIH which detailed gain of function virology work, which he attests led to the creation of SARS-CoV-2. He warned Dr Peter DASZAK, his former boss, about the biosafety and biosecurity risks but DASZAK was dismissive of his concerns. Huff also revealed the fact there was no biological security officer and institutional biosafety committee at EcoHealth Alliance, which was a violation of NIH guidelines.


“Everyone needs to know the truth” Former EcoHealth Alliance VP turned whistleblower speaks out – YouTube



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‘The past was erased, the erasure was forgotten, the lie became the truth.’ 

– Eric Arthur Blair




Published by Gray Stanton

Gray is a special investigator, veteran and consummate professional within CONUS / OCONUS Private Security Contracting (PSC) as a Commonwealth Protective Security Specialist (PSS), in addition to Global Securities and Investigations. Previous service in the Australian Defence Force (ADF) Special Operations Command (SOCOMD), with stints in federal, and state  law enforcement (Security and Counter Terrorism) as a sworn LEO. A university graduate, and valedictorian with a double-degree in Psychology and History, with a focus in Biomedical research and Statistics. This podcast is a must listen for all concerned citizens trying to get to the truth, in addition to any aspiring journalists, or investigators who want to learn from a man whose both methodical and meticulous. 

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  1. Gray,

    Although my intention was to help my family? this narrative with a counter message, they were too programmed to listen…my conscience struggled with this being a highly respected family member as to what family I would have left …. until today.

    I’ve been looking for something in life so as to make a difference to benefit my small and greater community, call it a calling if you will … but it has been with me for some time.

    I’m keen now to read Dr Fleming’s remedies to hopefully rescue my beautiful family and greater community.

    Many thanks for your courage


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