The Host

BACKGROUND:   Gray STANTON is a sworn Commonwealth Justice of The Peace, Authorised Commonwealth Protective Security Specialist (PSS) LLC and special investigator / Behavioural Detection Officer (BDO) outside of being recently asked to host the new podcast series of LIFE DOWNUNDER. What’s more, with over two (2) decades experience in global securities and investigations (GS&I), coupled with his previous service in both the military and law-enforcement (sworn); these exclusive credentials continue to aid in his ability to investigate, and expose the truth no matter how deep it has been buried.






MOTIVATION:   Gray is fuelled by his passion for protecting others, through better understanding the nuances of cross-cultural ties and its effects upon all cultures, and society. In addition to his appetite for exposing the truth on unresolved matters. Gray considers himself a ‘forever student,’ eager to build on his academic research foundations, staying in tune with the latest scientific developments and political events. This includes the effects on both its people, and their connection to this great southern land.

His hunger for knowledge and determination to turn information into action has contributed to his most recent success at being asked to host the new LIFE DOWNUNDER Podcast series. Gray has significant experience where he has led international security teams for UHNWIs, in addition to specific government departments across the commonwealth. He knows HOW to communicate with the wider community’s others continue to struggle with. Meanwhile, Gray has vastly improved community outcomes through Informed Knowledge (Human-Rights), Welfare, and Safety by implementing Strategic Project Management Methods fulfilling fundamental community needs.





PHILOSOPHY:   It is over the last two decades that Gray’s mentors have taught him, ‘situational-awareness’ in any environment is KING – a tenet (i.e., philosophy) he lives through hunting with his dogs, kayaking; being ‘one’ with nature. Gray continues on worldwide private security operations as a Protective Security Specialist (PSS) of which one of his main taskings is conducting special investigations (including close-protection) into child-sex-trafficking alongside national (local) and international law-enforcement agencies.




What People Say

We cannot own the land. We are but the custodians of the land.


It’s Australian to do such things because, however uncivilised they may seem, it’s human to do them.

Hugh Mackay

Freedom is the only thing worth living for. While I was doing that work, I used to think it didn’t matter if I died, because without freedom there was no point in living.

Nancy Wake
Decorated Australian servicewoman (1912-2011)

Let’s Rebuild Our Communities On This ‘Great Southern Land’.

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